Spirited horses


Spirited Horses

See also, "The Storm."

Photo credit: Sonya Williamson (Stockton, Illinois)



Springtime (1925)

Artist: Annie Benson Muller

Annie Benson Muller produced most of her work from the 1920s to the 1940s. Her delightlful depictions of babies were used on magazine covers, advertising calendars, and lithographic prints.

Photo credit: Charlie Hoyer

Springtime 1825

springtime 1825

Springtime in 1825

Photo credit: Charlie Hoyer

St cecilia 1

cecilia 1

St. Cecilia (Version 1)

Photo credit: Charlie Hoyer

St cecilia 2

cecilia 2

St. Cecilia (Version 2)

Photo credit: April Cummings (Rices Landing, Pennsylvania)