Cherry blossoms


Cherry Blossoms (1903)

Artist: Constantin Stoitzner

Constantin Stoitzner was born July 20, 1863 in Busau, Austria and died in 1934 in Vienna. He was a landscape and figure painter from the Austrian school. He received hsi formal art education at the Academie de Vienna with portraitist and historical painter Christian Griepenkerl (1839-1916) and portrait painter August Eisenmenger (1830-1907). He is also the father of painter and engraver Josef Stoitzner (1884-?)

 Constantin Stoitzner began his successful career traveling in the Alps. He became well-known for his precise mountain landscapes and the architecture of the surrounding villages. He would later use his talents as a figure painter to capture some of the village residents in detailed miniature portraits. These were incredibly successful. The local characters that he painted were more than portraits. He was able to capture minute detail in each painting, down to a single hair. His portraits come to life because they are filled with the individual nuances that are unique to the subject's personality and rarely ever captured in miniature.

Photo credit: Charlie Hoyer