Wilson Chemical Co. Prints

The Wilson Chemical Company of Tyrone, Pennsylvania was the maker of Cloverine Salve, a popular unguent of the early 20th century, as well as other products from 1895-1985. The company recruited its sales force through magazine ads. In a unique marketing campaign, each customer who bought a one-ounce tin of Cloverine also received a four-color lithograph. The Wilson family commissioned artists to produce the paintings, many unsigned, exclusively for the company. The prints could only be acquired from the Wilson Company. The prints were produced in the company's print shop in Tyrone. Popular topics were animals, children, women, nature and religious images.

Customers often framed and displayed the prints in their homes. According to Mrs. G. C. Wilson III, "the marketing practice was stopped [about 1970] due to prohibitive costs. Pictures frequently turn up at flea markets and some antique shops . . . I can put no value on the pictures."

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Animals, animals with people

American Indians


Historical, patriotic

Landscapes and seascapes


Seasons and holidays

Still life

Women, children