Tyrone-Waring Canteen

The Tyrone-Waring Canteen was a home away from home for servicemen during World War II. The Canteen published a newsletter with information about the servicemen and women that visited and the volunteers and businesses that supported the effort. Sales of the newsletter supported the Canteen's services. It's a great source of information about local World War II veterans and a good look at the homefront. It also details the efforts of Fred Waring and his family during the war years as they raised funds and awareness for the canteen. You can read these newsletters by clicking on the links below.

August 1943

  • Soldier of the month: Dewey J. Williams
  • About our (i.e., the Canteen) beginning and our progress
  • May we present our personnel (the Canteen's staff and volunteers)
  • Told us by the servicemen

October 1943

  • Soldier of the month: Ernest V. Focht
  • Something for the boys
  • Something from the boys
  • Stories about servicemen
  • Tyrone news
  • The spotlight

November 1943

  • Soldier of the month: James Curtis Anderson
  • Miscellany
  • Valiant brothers the Schildt brothers at Pearl Harbor
  • Letters, stories, photographs from the servicemen
  • Thanksgiving letter from a mother to her son in the service

December 1943

  • Soldier of the month: James R. Kahler
  • Canteen notes
  • Tyrone boys in the thick of the fight
  • Miscellany
  • Sports - amusements - social
  • Servicemen and women
  • The six Rhodes brothers

January 1944

  • Soldier of the month: Thomas A. Fisher
  • Christmas at the Canteen
  • Service men and women
  • For the boys and from the boys
  • Tyrone news
  • 1943 highlights in the news
  • Tyrone boys who gave their lives

February 1944

  • Soldier of the month: Jack B. Ross
  • To our subscribers
  • February is a famous month
  • Home boys in the battle zones
  • More about our fighting men
  • Our servicemen
  • At the Canteen - Tyrone news
  • We add to our honor roll
  • Miscellany

March 1944

  • Soldier of the month: Samuel E. Ayers
  • American Red Cross
  • Miscellany
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • From the Tyrone High School "Spokesman"
  • Letters from servicemen
  • Our publisher (E. W. Rothrock) brings you a little bit of San Francisco
  • Tyrone boys in many theaters of war
  • We are proud of their bravery
  • War briefs
  • Tyrone news

April 1944

  • A famous admiral: Tyrone's Charles Allan Pownall
  • The Canteen is one year old
  • Tyrone boys at the front
  • Tales of their valor

May 1944

  • Soldier of the month: Colonel Benjamin C. Jones
  • Our town
  • "All the boys were valiant"
  • Canteen News inset memorial -- remembering Tyrone boys who died in First World War
  • Tyrone boys who gave their lives
  • The merry, merry month of May
  • Tyrone reunion in Sicily
  • Tyrone boys at war all over the world and information about them

June 1944

  • Soldier of the month: Robert Lee Black
  • Ten from [Dickson] family in service
  • Letters from servicemen
  • Time out for laughs
  • These Tyrone boys are fighting all over the world

July 1944

  • Soldier of the month: Dennis A. Sharkey
  • Our first soldier of the month comes home from war: Dewey Williams
  • In sorrow we add three gold stars to our honor roll
  • All in fun
  • Five brothers [Gurekovic] -- Army, Navy, Marines
  • In all the theatres of war Tyrone men are fighting
  • [D-Day] invasion

August 1944

  • Soldier of the month: Marine Sergeant Joseph P. Gurekovich
  • Invasion of France
  • A few smiles
  • They died in the service of their country
  • In many theatres of war
  • News about servicemen

September 1944

  • Soldier of the month: Clinton G. Singer
  • Paris
  • Time to laugh
  • In all theatres of war for Tyrone boys are fighting - news about them

October 1944

  • Soldier of the month: William G. Rhodes
  • Five boys in the service, three overseas [Snyder]
  • Tyrone High [School]
  • For fun
  • In all the combat zones Tyrone boys are fighting

November 1944

  • Soldier of the month: James Paul Snyder
  • Football
  • Features
  • Just for fun
  • Tyrone doctors with armed forces
  • In all parts of the world Tyrone boys are fighting
  • Tyrone High notes

December 1944

  • Soldier of the month: James H. Havens
  • Features
  • Social
  • Farewll to football
  • Killed in action
  • Just for fun
  • Tyrone boys are fighting in all parts of the world
  • Letters from our servicemen

January 1945

  • Soldier of the month: Guy N. Waite
  • Happy New Year
  • Features
  • Social
  • Killed in action
  • Jokes may help and we need to laugh
  • Tyrone soldiers, sailors, marines on all battlefronts

February 1945

  • Soldier of the month: Lieutenant John S. Schell
  • Killed in action
  • Features
  • More laughs for Canteen readers
  • In Europe, Asia and Africa Tyrone boys are fighting
  • Servicemen's letters from overseas

March 1945

  • Soldier of the month: Norman E. Stryker, Jr.
  • Red Cross Month
  • Features
  • Killed in action
  • Bronze Star awarded to
  • Laughter
  • Tyrone boys in combat all over the world
  • Servicemen's letters from overseas

April 1945

  • President Roosevelt dead
  • Soldier of the month: Robert E. Johnson
  • General Patton's address to this triumphant 3rd Army
  • The Canteen was two years old on April 7
  • Features
  • Tyrone boys in battle around the globe
  • Killed in action
  • A few laughs
  • A post war plan for Tyrone - buy the Athletic Park . . .
  • Brothers [Stack] in the service
  • Letters from our servicemen

May 1945

  • Our new Commander-in-Chief: President Harry S Truman
  • Soldier of the month: Charles E. Nau
  • V-E Day May 8, 1945
  • Features
  • Killed in action
  • Sons of Mr. and Mrs. James McNelis, Tyrone
  • To laugh
  • These boys are fighting in the north, south, east and west
  • Letters from our servicemen

June 1945

  • Soldier of the month: William Sensor
  • The month of roses
  • Features
  • Killed in action
  • 4 sons of Mrs. Ella Liveringhouse serving overseas
  • Smiles help even in war
  • Fierce fighting rages in the Pacific
  • Toyko [sic] and Yokohoma are in ruins
  • Letters from the boys

July 1945

  • Soldier of the month: William Snyder
  • There shall be no more war! (Editorial, Philadelphia Record)
  • Features
  • Died in service
  • We have a laugh coming
  • Tyrone boys overseas
  • Stories about their duties
  • Letters from our servicemen
  • Favorite poems

August 1945

  • Welcome home, G.I.'s -- Japan surrendered
  • Soldier of the month: James Leroy Weyer
  • The Canteen News is two years old
  • Features
  • We hope you'll laugh
  • The war goes on in the Pacific
  • Many servicemen home from Europe
  • Letters from our servicemen

September 1945

  • Chronology of war in Pacific against Japs
  • Peace reigns over the Earth
  • Features
  • It is easy to laugh now
  • Furloughs from overseas
  • Letters from our servicemen

October 1945

  • Halsey asks Navy to retire him
  • Tyrone celebrates V-J Day
  • Features
  • Football
  • Funnybones
  • Sons of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd S. Steele

November 1945

  • Thanksgiving, November 22nd
  • Navy Day
  • The Tyrone Daily Herald welcomes its soldiers home
  • Features
  • Brothers
  • Grin and share it
  • Football
  • Symbol of freedom

December 1945

  • And the angels sang
  • Four brothers marched off to war, but only three came home [Maisano]
  • Funnybones
  • Football
  • Our Christmas lights are shining again
  • The Canteen's third Christmas
  • Finale