Railroad depot, 1968

Depot and platforms of the Pennsylvania Railroad in Tyrone, demolished in 1968.

The station was replaced by this Amtrak wayside. The building in the background is the Tyrone History Museum.

ASCO Grocery, 1940s

asco grocery

Check out that produce! This is the interior of the ASCO Grocery store, Tyrone, in the 1940s.

Photo credit: Tyrone-Snyder Public Library

Amoco Station and Acme Tire

The Amoco gas station and Acme Tire Company shared a building in downtown Tyrone; date of photo unknown. The proprietor was James C. Davis.

Photo credit: Tyrone-Snyder Public Library

Albright Brothers, Grocer, 1889

The Albright Bros. grocery store was located at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street in downtown Tyrone. This photo shows damage from the 1889 flood.

Photo credit: Internet

Big Yank

The former Big Yank clothing manufacturing plant, a subsidiary of Reliance Manufacturing Co., Tyrone, PA.

Photo credit: TAHS archives