Sear's Roebuck & Company

sears 1968

The Sears Roebuck & Company catalog sales office was located on the 900 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, Tyrone, Pennsylvania. This view was taken in 1968. In 1975, it relocated to W. 10th Street (below).

Photo credit: TAHS archives


sears 1975

Photo credit: Tyrone-Snyder Public Library

Sam's Aquarium (Fisher's Hardware

sams aquarium

In 2009, the former Fisher Hardware Store on the 1000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in Tyrone, Pennsylvania, was occupied by Sam's Aquarium & Pet Shop.

Photo credit: Virgie Werner

Rothert's Furniture

rotherts furniture

Rothert's Furniture, Tyrone, Pennsylvania (date unknown).

Photo credit: TAHS archives

Potaris Lunch

potaris lunch 1940s

The former Potaris Lunch, located on the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, Tyrone, Pennsylvania in the 1940s.

Note the pre-1940 Pepsi-Cola logo on the bottle cap image.

Valley Forge Beer was produced by the Adam Scheidt Brewing Company of Norristown, Pennsylvania. The brewery was founded in the late 1870s. After Prohibition, the brewery thrived, brewing Valley Forge Beer, Ram's Head Ale, and Prior Beer. The brewery's name was changed to Valley Forge Brewing Company in 1963. In 1968, the brewery was sold to Philadelphia's largest brewer at the time, C. Schmidt & Sons, who operated it until 1975, when it closed. Schmidt's continued to brew the Valley Forge and Ram's Head brands until the early 1980s, when Schmidt's itself closed.

Photo credit: Tyrone-Snyder Public Library

Post Office

post office masonic

The current US Post Office and the former Masonic Building, Pennsylvania Avenue and 11th Street, Tyrone, Pennsylvania.

Photo credit: Virginia Dollar


post office

The current US Post Office.

Photo credit: Virginia Dollar


post office interior

Interior of the Tyrone Post Office.

Photo credit: TAHS collection