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Q ~ What can you tell me about the lithographs that were
published and distributed by the Wilson Chemical Company?

  A ~ Monochrome and color lithographs of paintings by various artists were produced by the Wilson Chemical Company, in Tyrone, Pa. during the early- and mid-1900s. The company manufactured and distributed White Cloverine brand salve and other products. It operated for ninety years in Tyrone — 1895 to 1985. 
    In a unique marketing feature, with every one-ounce tin of Cloverine salve that was sold, a 9×11-inch (some larger), four-color print was given to the customer — all for twenty-five cents. The Wilson family commissioned artists to produce the paintings (many unsigned) exclusively for the company; the prints could not be purchased elsewhere. Religious, animal, and nature pictures were offered that were produced by the company in its own print shop in the factory. 
    Customers framed and displayed the pictures in their homes. According to Mrs. G. C. Wilson III, “The marketing practice was stopped around the late 1960s or early 1970s due to prohibitive costs. Pictures frequently turn up at flea markets and some antique shops ... I can put no value on the pictures.” 
    To view a gallery of more than 200 Wilson Chemical Co. pictures, go to the alphabetical index of lithographs of those known to the Society. Some images are hyperlinked to full-size images. 
    To learn more about the Wilson Chemical Company, go to “A Short History of the Wilson Chemical Company”.

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