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Gallery of Wilson Chemical Co. Prints

    The Wilson Chemical Co. “parlor” prints referenced on this page are only those known by the Collections Committee of the Tyrone Area Historical Society. While the committee members are aware of more than 200 prints at present, they hope to compile a complete list of them and display all available images on this gallery.
    For more information about the prints, including any print number, size, b&w or color, name of artist (if known), and any pertinent dates, go to the WCCo print reference chart.

NOTE: Although the Society has several WCCo prints in its collection, the Society does not offer any for sale.


Click on a link (indexed alphabetically by print title) to view the image...

Once you are in the gallery, you can view the images as a “slide show”
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< Abraham Lincoln >
“An Afternoon Call”
“Alfarata Fruit”
“Alone with Nature”
“An American Boy”
“The Angelus”
“Apparition to the Shepherds”
“Baby Mine”
“Bedtime Stories”
“The Belle of the Plains”
“In the Berkshires”
“Biff Was Rund Over”
“Blue Ribbons”
< Boy with rabbit >
“The Buffalo Hunt”  [ Version 1 ]
“The Buffalo Hunt”  [ Version 2 ]
“Calling the Ferry”
“By the Camp Fires Gleaming”
“Can’t You Talk?”
“Cantaloupe and Grapes”
“Certificate of Marriage”
“Chariot Race”
“Cherries Ripe”
“Cherry Blossoms”
“Chi and My Friends”
< Chicks and tin can >>
< Child with Collie dog >
< Child with St. Bernard dog >
“In Chill December”
“Christ at Gethsemane”
“Christ in the Temple”
“Christ Is the Head of This House”  [ Version 1 ]
“Christ Is the Head of This House”  [ Version 2 ]
“Christmas Eve”
“Chums”  [ Version 1 ]
“Chums”  [ Version 2 ]
“Chums”  [ Version 3 ]
“Departure of the Bride”
“Did You Lay Dis Egg”
“Direct to Consumer”
“In Disgrace”
“Dogs Retrieving”
“Eagle Pass”
“An Even Exchange”
“Evening Prayer”  [ Version 1 ]
“Evening Prayer”  [ Version 2 ]
“Fairy Tales”
“Family Record”
“The Father of Our Country”
“Favorite Fruits”
“The Finish”
“The First Snow”
“The Fisherman’s Return”
“Fix My Horsey?”
“The Flower Girl”
< Foxy lady riding sidesaddle >
“Fruit and Flowers”
“Fruit and Rabbits”
“General Robert E. Lee”
“Getting Acquainted”
“Glory to God”
“Glory to God in the Highest”
“God Bless our Home”
“Good Morning”
“Good Night”
“The Good Shepherd”  [ Version 1 ]
“The Good Shepherd”  [ Version 2 ]
“On Guard”  [ Version 1 ]
“On Guard”  [ Version 2 ]
“On Guard”  [ Version 3 ]
“On Guard”  [ Version 4 ]
“Guardian Angel”
“The Guardian Angel”
“Happy Hours”
“The Helping Hand”
“Her Pet”
“Her Treasure”  [ Version 1 ]
“Her Treasure”  [ Version 2 ]
“Here He Comes”
“Highland Solitude”
“His Christmas Gift”
“Home Sweet Home”  [ Version 1 ]
“Home Sweet Home”  [ Version 2 ]
“The Horse Fair”
“The Hunter”
“I Love You”
“I Love You”  [?]
“Jesus Blessing the Children”
“Joys of Home”
< Lady holding roses >
“Land of the Midnight Sun”
“The Last of the Litter”
“The Last Supper”
“Liberty Bell”
“The Life of Christ” [ No pic ]
“Lord, Help Me”
< The Lord Is My Shepherd >  [ Version 1 ]
< The Lord Is My Shepherd >  [ Version 2 ]
< The Lord’s Prayer >
< The Lord’s Prayer and The Ten Commandments >
“The Lord’s Supper”
“Love Making”
“Loving Care”
“Loving Friends”
“Lucky Dogs”
“Madonna”  [ Version 1 ]
“Madonna”  [ Version 2 ]
“Mid Snow and Ice”
“Modern Beauties”
“Monarch of the Glen”
“Moonlight in Colorado”
“Moonlight on the Deep”
“A Morning Call”  [ Version 1 ]
“A Morning Call”  [ Version 2 ]
“Mother and Child”
“Mother’s Love”
“Music Hath Charms”
“My Bunny”
“My Hope”
“Nature’s Goodies”
“A Neighborly Call”
“A New Baby Brother”
“Niagara Falls”
“Old Faithful”
“Old Faithful”  [ Title ? ]
“Old Glory”
“The Old Grist Mill”
“The Old Homestead”
“In Old Virginia”
“Our Lord on the Mount of Olives”
“Over the Top”
“In the Park”
“Peaches and Cream”
“Pharaoh’s Horses”
“Pink Roses” [ No pic ]
< President Abraham Lincoln >
< President George Washington >
“Pride of the Herd”
“Purity”  [ Version 1 ]
“Purity”  [ Version 2 ]
“Pussies’ Playtime”
“Red Riding Hood”
“Repaired While You Wait”
“Return from the Honeymoon”
“Rock of Ages”
“In the Rockies”
“Sacred Heart of Jesus”  [ No pic ]
“Sacred Heart of Mary”
“Safe & Secure”  [ Version 1 ]
“Safe & Secure”  [ Version 2 ]
“Safe & Secure”  [ Version 3 ]
 [ Sailboats in moonlit sea ]
“Saluting the Flag”
“On the Scent”
“Seats of the Mighty”
“Select Fruits”
“Something Doing”
“The Soul’s Awakening”
“Speak for It”
“Spirited Horses”
“Springtime 1825”
“St. Cecilia”  [ Version 1 ]
“St. Cecilia”  [ Version 2 ]
“Stars and Stripes Forever :
  Our Six Flags from 1777”

“The Storm”  [ Version 1 ]
“The Storm”  [ Version 2 ]
“Strawberries Ripe”
“Strawberry Ripe”
“Summer in Arizona”
“A Temperance Society”
< The Ten Commandments >
“Three Favorites”
“Three Generations”
“’Tis Safe and Secure”
< Toddler partaking porridge from younger sibling >
“’True Friends”
“At the Turn of the Road”
“Two’s Company”
“The Village Church”
“War Chief”
“Washington at Headquarters, Valley Forge”
“Watermelon and Plums”
‘What is Home without a Mother’
“When the Boys Come Marching Home”
“Wide Awake”  [ Baby ]
“Wide Awake”  [ Three kittens ]
“Wild Flowers”
“Wild Horses”
“The Winner”
“Winter in Wisconsin”
“Winter Moonlight in the West”
“The Winter Sun Set”
“A Wrecking Crew”
“The Young Mother”
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