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Q ~ What genealogical info is contained in
the Historical Society’s Research Library?

  A ~ The following are lists of the genealogical books and folders
available in the Research Library.


Beck, Daniel & Katherine — by Dr. William F. Beck and Anna Beck Henderson Burnham. 
Beezer Brothers Architectural Firm (1892–1932) — by Ralph S. Wilcox. 
Beyer, David — by Paul R. Beyer. Includes Remy Family history by Bonnelle William Ramey, plus Fred Waring articles. 
Burnham, Anna & Samuel with Beck and Grazier Families — by Anna Henderson Burnham. Also four large Burnham and Henderson genealogies compiled by Anna Mary Henderson Burnham. Also the Burnham Family history by Frederick Burnham. 
Crawford Family — by James & Eleanor (Orr) Crawford and Dorothy Morrow Kessler. 
Fink, Hiram & Elizabeth (Poorman) — by Maribel Hildebrand. 
Fleck, Robert & Rebecca — by Dorothy Morrow Kessler. 
Glenn, Jeremiah & Margaret — by Julie Rice Decker. 
Hildebrand, Samuel & Suzannah (Weston) — by George E. Hildebrand. 
Houck, Elisha & Mary K. (Price) — by George E. Hildebrand. 
Kessler, William — by Dorothy Morrow Kessler. 
Kurtz, Abraham — by Harold R. Kurtz. 
McNelis Family, Brian — by Suzanne Ohl and James I. McNelis. 
Morrow Family, Vols. 1–3 — by Dorothy Morrow Kessler. 
Plummer, Joseph P., Vol. II — by Dorothy Morrow Kessler. 
Poorman, Michael & Sarah A. (Heaton) — by Maribel Hildebrand. 
Reed, William & Elizabeth, 1806–1874, Clinton, Blair Co. — by Maribel Hildebrand. 
Rogers, Will — by Dr. Reba Neighbors Collins. 
Stewarts (of Drumore), John — by Charles J. Stewart, plus first revision. 
Streithoff, Jacob — by Jennie A. Amrhein. 
Weight/Waite/Wacht/Wecht — by Vickie E. Waite Trostle. 
Wilson Sr., Robert, 1730, Scotland — by Donald L. Wilson Sr. 

Blank “History of Our Family” to use as a guide.


Anderson, John Grant, 1927 — by Tyrone Daily Herald. 
Bell Family, Pioneers in Mifflin Co. — by Raymond Bell. 
Burley Family, Joshua (Barley, Burly). Donated by Larry Smith. 
Condol, William Henry & Phoebe — by Vicki Welch. 
Crawford, James & Eleanor (Orr) and relationship with Deans and Morrows. Donated by Aileen Crawford Fulcomer. 
Etters, John — by Linda Etters. 
Foster, James, Sept. 18, 1800, Ireland — by Ruth P. Roberts. 
Friday Family: Johannas H. & Anna Freitag — by Ernest Friday. 
Gano & Woodring Families, — by Jacob Gano and Henry S. & Mary Jane Woodring. 
Grazier, Joseph — by Josephine Smith. 
Harnish, Burket, and Morrow Families 1905—1994 — by Aileen Crawford Fulcomer. 
Hastings, Clarence A. 1901—1981. 
Logan, Chief — by Harry E. Swanger. 
Lower, Adam — by Rev. Joseph Lower. 
Mattern, Hap & Helen. From Minerva V. (Houck) Frank, teacher, Warriors Mark. 
McNeal, Griffith, Adams, and Shore Families 1750—1991, Ireland — by Suzanne Ohl. 
Smith Family (N.J.) — by D. Alden & Robert H. Smith. 
Waring, Fred. Information requested and sent to Douglas J. Dykhouse (Waring relative). 
Waring, Mock/Mauk, Beyer/Byer — by Douglas J. Dykhouse. 
Werner Family — by Kevin Mattern. 
Wertz, Bill “The Olden Days.” Written by Mr. Wertz for his grandchildren to let them know what he thought about the olden days. He covers the period back to 1920, the year he had been born.

— Compiled by Maribel Hildebrand

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