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Tyrone Area Historical Society

—  Frequently Asked Questions  —

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions
that we receive via telephone, e-mail, and in person at the
Tyrone History Museum.

1. When was the Tyrone Area Historical Society organized, and
who were the original members of its board of directors?

2. What is the origin of the borough’s name, Tyrone?

3. What were the former names of the streets in Tyrone?

4. What can you tell me about the lithographs that were published
and distributed by the Wilson Chemical Co.?

5. Who was the first to set up housekeeping in Tyrone?

6. Who established the first business in Tyrone?

7. What is the oldest building in Tyrone?

8. I don’t have a copy of the book, Tyrone of To-day,
written by Rev. W. H. Wilson, and published in 1897.
Are the contents of the book available on a Web site?

9. How can I find history in my home?

10. What genealogical info is contained in the
Historical Society’s Research Library?

11. What can you tell me about the artist who drew and published
the panoramic view of Tyrone in the late 1800s?

12. When was Tyrone incorporated as a borough?

13. When was the 9th Street bridge destroyed?

14. In what year was the PRR’s Tyrone depot demolished?

15. When was “ the big spring” filled in?

16. During the Civil War years, who was known as
the “Colonel from Tyrone?”

17. Arguably the most famous native of Tyrone, who was
the man who “taught America how to sing?”

18. During World War II, bandleader and Tyrone native Fred Waring
sponsored a canteen for servicemen who were passing through
Tyrone on a bus or by rail. What is known about the canteen?
Are issues of the newsletter, Tyrone-Waring Canteen News,
available for review?

19. What borough besides Tyrone Borough is situated
within the geographical purview of the
Tyrone Area Historical Society?

20. Who was “Bicycle Harry”?

21. Click here to see if “you remember these.”
Turn up your sound!

22. On Memorial Day 1893, a tragic train wreck occurred just north
of Tyrone involving the Walter L. Main Circus. What happened?

23. On behalf of Tyrone’s citizens, when was an ad placed
in the Wall Street Journal indicating “This town for hire”?

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